Hall of Fame

Congratulations to 2023 OCS Hall of Fame Honorees.

The ceremony will be part of the 2023 reunion to be held 29 April thru 1 May.

About the OCS Hall of Fame Program.


The OCS Hall of Fame was established in 1958 to honor graduates who had distinguished themselves during WWII through Valorous Combat Leadership and subsequent Superior Meritorious Service. The first honoree was Medal of Honor recipient LT Thomas Wigle. The Hall of Fame building was named in his Honor. The OCS Hall Fame is a US Army Program administered by the Commanding General of the Maneuver Center of Excellence. The Commander of the 3rd Battalion 11th Infantry is the executive agent to oversee the OCS Hall of Fame Program. The US Army OCS Alumni Association a not-for-profit 401C war veterans service organization is the official sponsor of the OCS Hall of Fame Program.


Members of the OCS Hall of Fame are honored for the following.

Superior Valorous Combat Leadership which includes recipients of the Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Service Cross

Superior Meritorious Service which includes successful Battalion and Brigade Commanders; Staff Directors; Program Managers; and Defense Attaché’s; Each being Recognized for superior meritorious serving in the rank of Full Colonel or above.

Distinguished Public Service which includes Member of Congress; Governors of a State; Cabinet Secretaries; US Ambassadors; Mayors of Large Cities; and Federal Judges.

Superior Public Service which includes High ranking Career Civil Servants (GS-15/ SES); High ranking State Officials; members of State Legislature; Mayors; Sheriffs; Police Chiefs; City Managers; and CEOs of Philanthropies.

Lifelong Service which includes individuals who have a life of

service to the nation and to their community which starts with Valorous Combat

Leadership and or Meritorious Service and then continued with outstanding

public service through Volunteerism, especially in support of Military Service

Members and their Families as well as Military Veterans.

To nominate yourself or someone else for the Hall of Fame, contact Frank Harman, frank.l.harmaniii@gmail.com .



GEN Charles Hamilton

LTG Roy Beauchamp

BG Roscoe Cartwright

COL John Alvarado

COL Gregory Bell

COL Curtis Brown

COL Joseph Celeski

COL Carlos Collat

COL Lawrence Connors

COL Young Kim

COL Gerald DiGrezio

COL George Dunn

COL James Fitzgerald III

COL Gilbert Nelson

COL Billy Orr

COL Roy Pinette

COL Daniel Pugh

COL Anthony Rogers

COL George Spiczak

LTC Annie Spiczak

MAJ John Stoneburg IV

CPT Edward Wilkinson

LTC Kenneth McGinty

LTC Charles Mendoza

LTC Richard Pack

LTC Ralph Talbot IV

MAJ George Quamo

CPT David Christian

CPT Stephen Gabrys

CPT Richard Rees

CPT Marvin Roberts

CPT Marvin Siders

1LT Steven Drake

1LT Tony Harper

1LT Raymond Krupinksi

1LT Chelse Korte

1LT John McHugh

1LT James McQuade

1LT Tracy Murrey

1LT Ralph Williams

1LT Robert Peda

1LT Roy Richardson

1LT James Stone

1LT Peter Johnson

2LT Raymond Stone

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