Distinguished Members of

the OCS Hall of Fame

Distinguished Members of the OCS Hall of Fame

Distinguished members of the OCS Hall of Fame have attained National and/or International Recognition of Distinguished Military Service, Public Service, Business Leadership, Education Leadership or Philanthropy. This includes those who achieved the rank of General, the highest rank in today’s U.S. Army, US Senators and Members of the House of Representatives, Cabinet Secretaries, US Ambassadors, and those Business, Education, and Philanthropic Leaders who have been recognized by the President of the United States or the United States Congress for Distinguished Public Service.

HON Robert J. Dole

GEN Frederick Kroesen

HON Winthrop Rockefeller

HON John Dingell Jr

HON Gordon Gray

HON Frank Church

HON Bill Gates Sr

HON Caspar Weinberger

HON John O Marsh Jr

HON William F Buckley

HON Terance Todman

GEN Robert Kingston

GEN James Lindsay

GEN John ShaliKashvili

GEN Leon Saloman

GEN Buck Kernan

GEN Johnnie Wilson

GEN John Abrams

GEN Tommy Franks

GEN Bryan Brown

GEN Benjamin Griffin

HON Hyrum Smith

GEN Jack Merritt

GEN Frank Grass

GEN Charles Hamilton

This Association preserves YOUR Legacy

The OCS Alumni Association

The United States Army Officer Candidate Schools Alumni Association (TUSAOCSAA) is the Alumni Association for the United States Army Officer Candidate School (OCS). The mission of our Alumni Association is to preserve the legacy of the Army’s OCS Program by supporting the Army OCS Heritage Center and the OCS Memorial Walk, as well as conducting a National Annual Reunion.

USAOCSAA National By-Laws