Executive Summary

Mission Statement

The OFFICER CANDIDATE SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (USAOCSAA) is the Alumni Association for the United States Army Officer Candidate School (OCS). Its mission is to serve and honor the OCS program and its graduates; its purpose is to further the ideals and promote the welfare of the OCS, the Officer Corps and the US Army.

The OCS Alumni Association


  • Promote the Mission of the USAOCSAA.
  • Serve and honor the OCS program and its graduates.        
  • Further the ideals and promote the welfare of OCS.      
  • Foster professional and fraternal relations among Officer Candidates, OCS Cadre, MCoE Leadership, ARNG Leadership and past OCS Graduates and Cadre.        
  • Support and expand the general membership of USAOCSAA.     
  • Preserve OCS’s unique cultural history within the Army.

USAOCSAA Objectives     

  • Raise and Provide Resources to Achieve the USAOCSA Goals and Objectives and resource all its activities.
  • Support the OCS Battalion and the OCS Program
  • Educate the Public on the vital role of OCS
  • Communicate with members on the status of USAOCSAA
  • Acknowledge and recognize distinguished candidates   
  • Acknowledge and recognize distinguished alumni   
  • Acknowledge and recognize distinguished Cadre
  • Memorialize OCS graduates who are KIA & MIA
  • Establish, Operate, or Support Annual and recurring events that promote professional and fraternal relations.
  • Expand the Membership
  • Preservation and store OCS documents and artifacts

USAOCSAA Projects and Activities

  • Operate a USAOCSAA Web Site
  • Provide a Quarterly Newsletter
  • Provide Periodic Email Updates
  • Sponsor Each OCS Class
  • Sponsor and Support the Patterson Award
  • Sponsor and Support the OCS Hall of Fame
  • Sponsor and Support the OCS Memorial Walk
  • Sponsor and Support the OCS Heritage Center in Wigle Hall
  • Support the Distinguished Member and Honorary Member of the 11th Infantry Regiment Program.
  • Execute the Annual OCS Reunion ICW OCS HOF and Patterson Award
  • Participate in Memorial Ceremonies in the National Capital Region Provide Wreaths within association resources

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