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“I consider the founding of the Fort Benning OCS my greatest contribution to the mobilization effort. I’m happy to say it still exists.”

General of the Army Omar N. Bradley, USMA Class 1915

The U.S. Army Officer Candidate School

The OCS Alumni Association directly supports the active duty OCS Program. We provide end-of-cycle awards as well as fund the Candidate Branching Party. The Association works closely with the OCS Battalion to help support the annual Hall of Fame selection and induction actions. The OCS Battalion helps the Association with the Alumni Memorial Walk and Annual Reunion activities.

OCS is a rigorous 12-week course designed to train, assess, evaluate, and develop second lieutenants for the U.S. Army’s sixteen basic branches. It is the only commissioning source that can be responsive to the U.S. Army’s changing personnel requirements due to its short length. OCS is one of several ways of becoming a U.S. Army commissioned officer.

The U.S. Army Officer Candidate School is organizationally designated as 3rd Battalion, 11th Infantry Regiment, 199th Infantry Brigade It is a subordinate unit of the Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE) also headquartered at Fort Moore. The battalion has five training companies and a Headquarters Company in operation, designated HHC, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo—each of which can conduct one class at a time, with a maximum of 160 candidates being trained in each class.  Upon graduation, candidates will have earned a formal commission as a US Army Officer and promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant. 


These OCS graduates join our 75 year heritage and are recognized as leaders in the nation’s first and best line of defense.

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