Nett Award

The United States Army OCS Alumni Association


The King of Battle"


  • To remember and continue to honor the service of COLONEL Robert B. Nett to our Country, the Army and the OCS program. 
  • To recognize and honor annually a HOF or OCSAA member or current and former cadre who has provided superior support and advocacy to the OCS program. 


  • Select and honor the most deserving individual each year. 
  • Award must simple, tasteful and worthy of the NETT name. 
  • Award is presented by the USAOCSAA President and the Senior MCoE representative at the USAOCSAA alumni dinner. 

Aspirational Criteria

The nominee, through years of continued service, support and action best represents and has contributed to the OCS Alumni Association Mission & Purpose: 

Mission: is to serve and honor the OCS program and its graduates;

Purpose: is to further the ideals and promote the welfare of the Officer Candidate School, the Officer Corps and the US Army.

Tangible Criteria

  • Senior Officer who influenced HQDA, TRADOC or the MCoE for the significant betterment of the OCS Program. 
  • Cadre member through leadership, mentorship, training, program development, facility improvement significantly improved the OCS program. 
  • HOF or USAOCSAA members through mentorship of Candidates and Cadre significantly improved the OCS Program. 
  • HOF or USAOCSAA members through financial sponsorship significantly helped to honor the OCS program and its graduates. 
  • HOF or USAOCSAA members through volunteer service and direct action significantly helped to honor the OCS program and its graduates. 

Selection Process

  • Nominations are received by USAOCSAA Secretary via email. 
  • Packets contain digital picture of the nominee in a business suite, dress or Army Service Uniform. 
  • Must be nominated by a USAOCSAA member. 
  • Must be endorsed by second USAOCSAA member. 
  • Nominations and endorsements relate the tangible criteria to the aspirational criteria in way to justify consideration.

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