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"You can do anything you set your mind to".

Brigadier General Douglas Pritt, OCS Class 1-71, HOF 2019

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Host the Annual Reunion

Bring a classmate to the next Reunion!

Come to Columbus Georgia next Spring to help celebrate your connection to OCS.

Gather your classmates and hold a mini-reunion at the same time.

Fund the OCS Heritage Center

Donate today to preserve your military legacy

The Heritage Center celebrates and recognizes the history and traditions of the U.S. Army Officer Candidate School since its inception prior to World War II. The Association continues the campaign to fund the galleries designed to honor fallen OCS graduates and Medal of Honor recipients.

Support OCS Hall of Fame

The Association is deeply involved in the OCS Hall of Fame

The OCS Alumni Association works with the OCS Battalion and Fort Moore each year to select and induct a new OCS Hall of Fame of deserving graduates.

The Association provides funding to host the event in the beautiful National Infantry Museum, and provides Directors to sit on the selection board every year.

Build OCS Memorial Walk

Continue Development of the OCS Memorial Walk

Add your own paver. Memorialize your class. COL Frank Harman took on this massive project several years ago. A visit to the grounds in front of the OCS Battalion at Fort Moore would get your attention immediately. In the center is the BRASS CANNON which has been shined by most Fort Moore Officer Candidates from 1965 to the present.

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Attention In The TOC! OCS Alumni LinkedIn Group

COL. Karla Langland is our Facebook coordinator. She keeps everyone up to date on OCS Alumni events with frequent posts. We invite you to join our OCS Alumni LinkedIn Group.

Preserve Yearbooks & Memorabilia

Digitizing our rich OCS history

Dr Pat Smith is doing an outstanding job locating various OCS memorabilia and converting them to a digital format.

Check these documents out…maybe you’ll see your own Yearbook!

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