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“Supplementing college with OCS is the "game changer" to instilling the confidence, self-discipline and leadership skills needed in life, whether career military or civilian.

1LT H. Wiley Williams, Infantry OCS Class 75, 1953

OCS Heritage Center

The OCS Heritage Center was officially opened December 2020.

The vision of the center was to

  1. Capture the history
  2. Honor those who served in the past
  3. Recognize the service and commitment of the candidate in OCS today

It was funded by OCS graduates and corporate friends of OCS.

The Heritage Center is located in Wigle Hall, across the street from the OCS Battalion, in Fort Moore, Georgia. It is open to candidates and the public, but a reservation is required. Contact the Commandant of OCS

History of the Heritage Center

Frank L. Harman III

Fellow OCS graduates,

Have you ever been to the Plain at West Point? You see statues of Grant and Lee, Black Jack Pershing, MacArthur, Eisenhower, and Patton—all icons of our county’s military greatness and rightfully so. At Fort Moore in the OCS area, what did we have? This is the question I asked two years ago. Since then your OCS Alumni Association Board of Directors has aimed to establish the legacy of OCS and its graduates for future generations. 

Our first effort was the Memorial Walk where we honor our graduates, all of whom have demonstrated competence, courage, and sacrifice. We honor our fellow graduates who earned the Medal of Honor. We honor past graduating classes. We honor the units we served in. We honor our battle buddies. 

Our second effort was the recognition of the distinguished members of the OCS Hall of Fame in a ceremony last spring at the National Infantry Museum. We recognized 42 members of the OCS Hall of Fame who attained national and/or international recognition for distinguished military service, public service, business leadership, education leadership, or philanthropy.

Now we are starting our third effort—developing Wigle Hall into the OCS Heritage Center. The OCS Heritage Center will be a first-class exhibition space that will preserve OCS history, honor OCS graduates past and present, and educate candidates and visitors about the decades-long contribution of OCS to the defense of our nation. 

OCS Heritage Center floor plan

Every graduate will be able to have three pictures as well as his or her career highlights and biography or a story about OCS included in a kiosk that will be searchable by all visitors. 

We will need your support. When you are contacted, please consider donating. This is your history!

What will you do to preserve your legacy?  

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