Alumni Chapters

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All alumni chapters are open to OCS alumni of all branches and all components, Active, Reserve or National Guard. This includes those who received commissions at branch schools prior to 1973 or through the current Army component systems for Active, Reserve or National Guard.

You must be a member of to join a local Chapter, but there are no dues to join a local chapter

Regional-State-Class-Branch Chapters

Air Defense Finance

Armor Infantry Artillery Military Police

Aviation Ordnance

Chem/Bio-Rad/Nuclear Signal

Engineer Special Forces

How to establish an OCS Alumni Chapter

Association chapters are established to promote activities and camaraderie at the local, state, regional level or among branch-specific groups. To establish a chapter of any type, a minimum of 10 founding members are required and all chapter members must be a member of the national alumni association. There are no dues at the chapter level. Chapters must meet at least twice per year and are required to submit an annual report on the activities of the chapter. After a new chapter has successfully completed one year in existence, the national association will provide the chapter $500 each year to assist in their activities.

The Association Vice-President of Operations will assist you in your efforts to establish a chapter and will search our national database to locate alumni association members who reside in the area you wish to cover and contact them on your behalf. We will help you all the way. The process is fairly simple.

Contact Dan Johnson at:

Current Association Chapters

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