Virtual Chapters

The TUSAOCSAA Board of Directors is pleased to announce our new Virtual Chapters Initiative! The intent is to create chapters via Facebook (FB) that will expand our social media presence and provide a forum for greater contact between graduates and the OCS Alumni Association.

We are not requiring membership in the Association or specifying numbers of classmates to begin a virtual chapter. We of course, hope to see a number of our non-member graduates develop an appreciation for our association and join us as well as attending our reunions.

Interested in starting a Virtual Chapter? Follow these steps!

Step 1. Send an e-mail to the TUSAOCSAA Virtual Chapter Director, J. P. Stassi at and include the following information:

Chapter Commander Name and Contact Information

Name of Class Moderator

Class Number and location of OCS program

Identify any existing class group pages.

Step 2. Virtual Chapter Director approves the chapter.

Step 3. Virtual Chapter Director develops FB Group Page and adds the Chapter Commander or his FB moderator and gives full editor rights. (If a class already has a group page, please inform the Association Virtual Chapter Director)

Step 4. Once the FB Group Page is established the class FB moderator will run the page.

Professional conduct is essential and should that be violated that class page will be deleted from the TUSAOCSAA page.

All events and key engagements will need to have the OCS Alumni FB page tagged by adding “@Ocsalumni” to link the post to the Alumni Association FB page.

Step 5. Cover photos can be entirely up to each class but requires a watermark in the bottom right-hand corner of the OCA Alumni Association. Cover photos can be changed at each class’s discretion.

Step 6: Once established, the class may set up an Instagram link to the FB page and any other social media Meta platforms. Inform the Virtual Chapter Director via e-mail on the various platforms a class may reside on, so adjustments may be made to their profile.

Finally, adjustments to our process and procedures will, of course, be necessary as we move forward. Any recommendations the Virtual Chapter Commanders and Moderators may have will certainly be considered.

JP Stassi can answer any questions you may have regarding our Virtual Chapter Program. Again, he can be contacted at:

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