Ruben A. Candia

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Ruben A. Candia

Lieutenant Colonel Ruben A. Candia was commissioned an Infantry Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School Class 1-60, 18 December 1959. His first duty assignment was as Platoon Leader, Company D, 3rd Battle Group, 1st Brigade (RFA Training), Fort Ord, California. | His subsequent duty assignments include: Platoon Leader, CoC3dBG, 1st Brigade(RFA ), Fort Ord, California; Commanding Officer, CoC, 5th BG, 1st Brigade(RFA Training), Fort Ord, California; Communications Officer, 2nd Battalion, 6th  Infantry, 5th Infantry Division (M), Fort Carson, Colorado; Platoon Leader, Company A, 15th Battalion, 4th Training Brigade, Fort Knox, Kentucky; Instructor, Training Comm., HHC, 3rd Training Regiment, USATC, Fort Jackson, South Carolina; Team Leader, FA Team, 9th Psy Opns Co., 8th SpecFcsGp (Airborne), Fort Gulick, Canal Zone; Communications Officer, 4th Battalion, 517th Artillery (HAWK-AW), Fort Clayton, Canal Zone; Commanding Officer, HHB, 4th Battalion, 517th Artillery (HAWK-AW), Fort Clayton, Canal Zone; Assistant S-3 (Opns), 101st Division Artillery, Fort Campbell, Kentucky & Republic of Vietnam; Assistant, S-3 (Operations), XXIV Corps Artillery, Republic of Vietnam; Asst. Fire Support Coordinator, III Corps Artillery, Fort Sill, Oklahoma; S-3, Division Support Command, 2nd Infantry Division, Camp Casey, Korea; Assistant Professor Spanish, United States Military Academy, West Point, New York; Professor of Military Science, St. Mary’s University and University of Texas, San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas. | At the time of his induction, Lieutenant Colonel Candia was serving as Chair of Modern and Classical Languages, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas.

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Graduated From
Fort Benning, Georgia
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Lieutenant Colonel

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