Lloyd R. Scott

Lloyd R. Scott

Lloyd R. Scott

Brigadier General Lloyd R. Scott was commissioned an Engineer Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School Class RC 3-63, 12 August 1963. His first duty assignment was as Platoon Leader, Company C, 1030th Engineer Battalion, Pulaski, Virginia. | His subsequent duty assignments include: Platoon Leader, Company B, 1030th Engineer Battalion, Pulaski, Virginia; Platoon Leader, Company C, 1030th Engineer Battalion., Richlands, Virginia; Commander, 1032d Engineer Company (Dump Truck), Richlands, Virginia; Commander, 1033d Transportation Company, (Medium Truck)(Cargo), Richlands, Virginia; Battalion S-4, Battalion S-1, Battalion S-3, Battalion Executive Officer, and Commander, 1030th Engineer Battalion, Gate City, Virginia; Recruiting/Retention Officer, Secretary to the General Staff, Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, Plans & Actions, Assistant Chief of Staff, Facilities Engineering, Assistant Chief of Staff Personnel Management, and Chief of Staff, Headquarters State Area Command (STARC), Richmond, Virginia. | Brigadier General Scott also served with the United States Postal Service from February 1964 through November 1977 while serving in the National Guard in a traditional status. He left his position as Postmaster with the Postal Service in November 1977, became a full-time Guardsman, and served as such until his military retirement 31 August 31 1996. | Upon his military retirement, he was promoted to Brigadier General by the Governor of Virginia and served as the Assistant Adjutant General, Virginia National Guard, Richmond, Virginia.

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  • Rank

    Brigadier General

  • Graduated From

    Fort Belvoir, Virginia

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    Engineer Corps

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