John D. Hogan


John D. Hogan

Colonel John D. A. Hogan, Jr. was commissioned an Infantry Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School, 29 August 1946, class number 541. His first duty assignment was Rifle and Weapons Platoon Leader, 21st Infantry, 24th Division, Japan. | His subsequent duty assignments include:  Rifle Co Executive Officer, 21st Inf, 24th Div, Japan; Company Executive Officer; Rifle Platoon Leader, 21st Inf, 24th Div, 14th Inf Regiment, Japan and Fort Carson; Company Executive Officer, Heavy Weapons Company, 14th Infantry Regiment, Fort Carson; Platoon Leader, Rifle Platoon Leader, Assistant Regimental S3, 14th Inf Regiment, 21st Inf, 24th Div, Korea Combat; Assistant Regimental S3, Assistant S3 Pa Mil Dist, 21st Inf, 24th Div, PA Mil Dist; Supply Officer, Pa Mil Dist; Headquarters Comdt, Pa Mil Dist; NG Battalion Advisor, NG Adv Gp, Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts; Headquarters Comdt, USAG Frankfurt, USAG Frankfurt, USAR Europe; G3, Plans Officer, USAG Frankfurt, Headquarters NACOM USAREUR; Assistant ABG S3, 327th ABG, 101st Abn Div, Fort Campbell, Kentucky; CO Abn Rifle Co and ABG S2,  327th ABG, 101st Abn Div, Fort Campbell, Kentucky; Battle Group S3, 327th ABG, 101st Abn Div; Bootstrap, G3 Training Officer, Headquarters, 101st Abn Div; Chief, RF/PF Tng and Tng Ctr Adv, Headquarters MACV, Vietnam; Staff Officer, Combat Arms Branch, Combat Arms Syst Div, OACSFOR, Headquarters, DA, (OACSFOR); CO 1st Bn, 1st BCT BCT Bde, USATC Inf, Fort Ord; Commander, 1st Bn, 1st BCT Bde, CO USARECSTA, USATC Inf, Fort Ord; Dir, Studies & Analysis Dir, CAG, Headquarters, USACDC.CAG, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. | His awards and decorations include: Army General Staff Badge, Sr Pacht Badge, VN Award of AFM 1st Class, VN Campaign Med, VN Sv Med w/2 Battle Stars, WW II Occupation Med, Natl Def Sv Med, UN Sv Med, Korean Sv Med w/3 Battle Stars, Amer Theater, WW II Victory Med, Service Awds & Qual Badges, ARCOM, AM, Bronze Star Medal, LM, CIB.

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Graduated From
Fort Benning, Georgia
Key Assignment
Rifle Co Executive Officer, 21st Inf, 24th Div, Japan
Highest Award
Legion of Merit
Year Inducted
Branch Of Service

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