George E. Albert

George E. Albert

George E. Albert

Colonel G. E. Albert, graduated OCS Class #50 17 August 1952. His subsequent duty assignments include: 1943 - 98th Inf. Div., lst Lieutenant, Plat. Ldr., Camp Brekinridge, Kentucky; 1944 - 34th Inf Div., lst Lieutenant, Plat Ldr., Italy; 1945 - , 402d Port Co., lst Lieutenant, CO, Italy, Philippines, Japan;  1946 - New York Port of Embarkation, lst Lieutenant, Staff Off., New York; 1947 - 49, USA Trans. Sch., lst Lieutenant, Stu., Capt., Staff & Faculty, Fort Eustis, Virginia; 1950 - , 29th Trans. Bn., Major, S3, Germany; 195l - 10th Trans. Hwy. Gp., Major, S3, Germany; 1952 - 53,  43rd Inf. Div. Maj., Trans. Off., Germany;  1954 - 55,  Atlantic Trans. Term Comd., Lieutenant, Col., CO, Station Comp., New York; 1956 - ,  CG&S College, Lieutenant Col., Student, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; 1957 - , USA Air Traffic Coord. Off., Lieutenant Col., USA ATCO, Diver Air Force Base, Delaware; 1958 - , Headquarters, USA Air Traffic Coord. Off., Lieutenant, Col.., CO, McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey; 1959 - , Headquarters Eighth U.S. Army, Lieutenant, Col.,  Trans. Plans, Staff, Korea; 1960 - 62, The USA Infantry School, Lieutenant, Col., Instr., Staff & Faculty, Fort Benning, Georgia; 1963 - , MAAG Ethiopia, Lieutenant Col., Chief, G&SC, Mobile Tng. Team, Ethiopia; 1964 - , Pacific Terminal Comd., Col., Dir. Opns, Fort Mason, California; 1965 - Mil. Trfc. Mgmt. & Term. Comd. , Colorado; Dir. Opns., Oakland Army Base, California; 1966 - Headquarters 4th Trans. Comd, Col., Dep. CO, Vietnam; 1967 - , Sharpe Army Depot, California, Col., Extended TDY, Univ. of Omaha, Nebraska. | Colonel Albert's awards and decorations include: Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, ACM, PH, CIB, Am. Def. Serv. Medal, Am. Camp. Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Camp. Medal, EAME Camp. Medal, World War II Vic Medal, Army Occup. Medal, Nat. Def. Serv. Medal, Phil. Service Ribbon, Vietnam Service Medal.

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    Fort Benning, Georgia

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    Legion of Merit

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