George E. Albert


George E. Albert

Colonel G. E. Albert, graduated OCS Class #50 17 August 1952. His subsequent duty assignments include: 1943 - 98th Inf. Div., lst Lieutenant, Plat. Ldr., Camp Brekinridge, Kentucky; 1944 - 34th Inf Div., lst Lieutenant, Plat Ldr., Italy; 1945 - , 402d Port Co., lst Lieutenant, CO, Italy, Philippines, Japan;  1946 - New York Port of Embarkation, lst Lieutenant, Staff Off., New York; 1947 - 49, USA Trans. Sch., lst Lieutenant, Stu., Capt., Staff & Faculty, Fort Eustis, Virginia; 1950 - , 29th Trans. Bn., Major, S3, Germany; 195l - 10th Trans. Hwy. Gp., Major, S3, Germany; 1952 - 53,  43rd Inf. Div. Maj., Trans. Off., Germany;  1954 - 55,  Atlantic Trans. Term Comd., Lieutenant, Col., CO, Station Comp., New York; 1956 - ,  CG&S College, Lieutenant Col., Student, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; 1957 - , USA Air Traffic Coord. Off., Lieutenant Col., USA ATCO, Diver Air Force Base, Delaware; 1958 - , Headquarters, USA Air Traffic Coord. Off., Lieutenant, Col.., CO, McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey; 1959 - , Headquarters Eighth U.S. Army, Lieutenant, Col.,  Trans. Plans, Staff, Korea; 1960 - 62, The USA Infantry School, Lieutenant, Col., Instr., Staff & Faculty, Fort Benning, Georgia; 1963 - , MAAG Ethiopia, Lieutenant Col., Chief, G&SC, Mobile Tng. Team, Ethiopia; 1964 - , Pacific Terminal Comd., Col., Dir. Opns, Fort Mason, California; 1965 - Mil. Trfc. Mgmt. & Term. Comd. , Colorado; Dir. Opns., Oakland Army Base, California; 1966 - Headquarters 4th Trans. Comd, Col., Dep. CO, Vietnam; 1967 - , Sharpe Army Depot, California, Col., Extended TDY, Univ. of Omaha, Nebraska. | Colonel Albert's awards and decorations include: Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, ACM, PH, CIB, Am. Def. Serv. Medal, Am. Camp. Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Camp. Medal, EAME Camp. Medal, World War II Vic Medal, Army Occup. Medal, Nat. Def. Serv. Medal, Phil. Service Ribbon, Vietnam Service Medal.

Additional Information

Graduated From
Fort Benning, Georgia
Key Assignment
1943 - 98th Inf. Div., lst Lieutenant, Plat. Ldr., Camp Brekinridge, Kentucky
Highest Award
Legion of Merit
Year Inducted
Branch Of Service

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