Eugene R. Bauer

Eugene R. Bauer

Eugene R. Bauer

Colonel Eugene R. Bauer was commissioned an Infantry Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School on 16 January 1946, class number 526.  His first duty assignment was as Platoon Leader, Regimental A & R Officer, 1st Constabulary Regiment, European Theater of Operations (Germany). | His subsequent duty assignments include: Platoon Leader and Company Executive Officer, Co E, 18th Inf EUCOM (Germany); Platoon Leader, Co H, 18th Inf EUCOM (Germany); Regimental A&R Officer, Headquarters & Headquarters Co, 18th Inf, Germany; PMS&T, Phoenix High School System, 6510 ASU, Phoenix, Arizona; Student Officer, IOAC #1, Fort Benning, Georgia; Student Officer, Chinese Mandarin, ALS, Presidio of Monterrey, California; G2 Air, Combat Intel Officer, Headquarters, 24th Inf Div, AFFE, Korea; Chief, Lang Branch, Mil Armistice Commission/Opn Tng Off, J-3, USA Elm, UNorth Carolina/USK AFFE, Korea; Company Commander, Co D, 1st BG, 12th Inf, 4th Div; Aide-De-Camp, Headquarters & Headquarters, 4th Inf Div, Fort Lewis, Washington; Student Officer, C&GSC; Student Officer, Univ of Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska; SGS, Army Section, MAAG, USAELM, MAAG, China (Taiwan); Staff Officer, Force Dev, Plans Div, OACSFOR, DA, Pentagon, Washington, D.C.; Member, Chairman’s Special Study Group, USA Elm, OJCS; Staff Officer, Force Dev, Plans Div, OACSFOR, DA, Pentagon, Washington, D.C.; Province Senior Advisor, Pleiku, Republic of Vietnam; Assistant C/S, Headquarters, MDW, D.C .His award and decorations include: Honor Medal 1st Class (Republic of Vietnam), Gallantry Cross w/Gold Star (Republic of Vietnam), ARCOM (2 Oak Leaf Cluster), AAM (1 Oak Leaf Cluster), Bronze Star Medal, LOM, CIB.

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    Fort Benning, Georgia

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    Legion of Merit

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