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Donald R. Wong

Colonel Donald R. Wong entered into Officer Candidate School Class 2 in March of 1955. Colonel Wong's first assisgnment upon graduation began in 1955 thru 1958 with the 20th Infantry Regiment in the Panama Canal Zone as a Platoon Leader/Executive Officer. From 1958 to 1959 he was the Platoon Leader/Executive Officer of  the 16th Infantry Battle Group, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, KS. | Colonel Wong then attended the Signal Advanced Course in Fort Gordon, GA, ultimately preparing him for his first command with the 121st Signal Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, KS during 1959-1960. From 1960-1961, Colonel Wong was sent to Korea where he took command over the 226th Signal Company, 4th Missile Command. Upon returning stateside, Colonel Wong's next assignment placed him at the United States Army Command Agency in Washington, D.C. There he was the OIC and Staff Commander Elect. During 1963 thru 1966, upon receiving the rank of major, Colonel Wong was asked to oversee United States Army Signal Command as the OIC and Staff Commander Elect in Taiwan, Republic of China. Colonel Wong's next assignment placed him in the Republic of Vietnam from 1969-1970 as the Staff Signal Officer of the 1st Calvary Division. Once attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel Wong was the battalion commander of the 52d Signal Battalion in the Republic of Vietnam. | Colonel Wong then attended the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, KS. During 1970-1973, Colonel Wong served on the staff of the Defense Communications Agency. From 1974-1975, Colonel Wong went back to the Republic of China to serve on the staff of the United StatesTaiwan Defense Command. After working as the J6 in China, Colonel Wong was selected to attend the United States Army War College until 1976. Colonel Wong was then asked to serve as a Staff Engineer at the Defense Engineer Center in Washington, D.C. Once Colonel Wong received the rank of full bird Colonel, he became the Brigade Commander of the United States Army Communications Command in Alaska during 1977-1979. He then received the assignment of Signal Staff Officer for the Near East Project Office in Isreal from 1979-1981. Upon returning from Isreal, he served as the Deputy Commander for the White House Communications Agency in Washington, D.C., and then as the Special Assistant to the Director.

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