In 1939, Cal Roush and his older brother, Howard, joined the 166th Infantry Regiment, 37th Division of the Ohio National Guard and were sent to Camp Shelby, Mississippi, where Cal became Sergeant of H Company, in a Machine Gun Platoon. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the 37th Division was triangularized, and, as a result, the 166th was broken out. H Company was sent to Texas City, Texas, to guard the oil terminals there. | In April 1942, Cal was selected to attend OCS where he graduated #1 in his class and was assigned to Fort Benning as a Tactical Officer. He was promoted to Captain in 1943 and he attended the Advance Course. His next assignment was to Fort McClellan, Alabama, where he served as a Training Company Commander. In 1944, Cal joined the 5th Army Transportation Corp in Naples, Italy. Being promoted to Major from there, he was assigned to the 442nd Japanese American Combat Team. He returned home electing to leave military service in March 1946. | In May of 1946 Cal re-enlisted as a Sergeant and was transferred to Panama in August. During several assignments in Panama he was promoted to Master Sergeant. Then, in June 1951, Cal was called back to his Reserve Commission of Major and was sent to the 10th Infantry Division Fort Riley, Kansas, where he served as Battalion Commander in 1952. In 1953, Cal was transferred to Des Plaines Chicago to work the area’s ROTC program. | Cal was selected to attend Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas in Jan of 1957. Then in July 1957, the family moved to Columbus, Georgia, and Cal was deployed to Korea as a Logistics Advisor to the 2nd ROK Army. In Sept 1958 Cal returned from Korea to work on the SS Guided (TOW) Missile test team for six months and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel the following August. He was assigned as Deputy G-1 at Fort Benning until his retirement in July 1961. | After his retirement from the military, Cal became the first civilian Dependent School’s Officer for Fort Benning. He retired from this job in 1984 after 23 years of civilian service where he oversaw the expansion and growth of the Section 6 school system at Fort Benning. After his second retirement, he remained active on the TIC Federal Credit Union (now Kinetic Credit Union) Board of Directors, serving as Chairman of the Board from 1996 until his death in July 2007. Cal also volunteered his time running Georgia’s District 9 of the AARP Taxaide program that provides free tax services to the elderly and disadvantaged in the Columbus and LaGrange areas. Cal remained active until his sudden death, 28 July 2007.

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Graduated From
Fort Benning, Georgia
Key Assignment
442nd Japanese American Combat Team
Graduation Year
Year Inducted
Lieutenant Colonel

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