It’s YOUR history.

Are you prepared to preserve it?


We are pleased to announce plans to build an OCS Heritage Center to be constructed within Wigle Hall at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Our theme is to honor the valor and sacrifice of the OCS graduate as a small unit leader from 1941 through today.

You will be PROUD of the end result!

  • $50-$200 Team Player 
  • $500 Team Leader
  • $1000 Troop Commander
  • $5000 Group Commander
  • $10,000 Regimental
  • $25,000 and $50,000
    Commandant’s Circle

Project Overview


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This new OCS Heritage Center will feature displays and information covering:

There will be galleries honoring fallen OCS graduates and Medal of Honor recipients. Interactive Kiosks will feature OCS Hall of Fame Honorees, Distinguished OCS Graduates plus Patterson and Nett Awardees.

OCS “Success Stories” will be highlighted along with biographies and personal glimpses into individuals who have excelled in both the military and commercial worlds.

The OCS Heritage Center will honor what Officer Candidate Schools have meant to the U.S. Army and America. It’s the way to preserve the legacy of the more than 250,000 OCS graduates regardless of their school or training location. Whether you were in the Infantry, Armor, Artillery, Engineering or Transportation, or one of the other 11 schools, all will be honored at the Heritage Center at Fort Benning.




Commandant’s Circle ($25,000)

Danny Leifel
Don Dare
Fred Lampropoulos

Regimental Level ($10,000)

John Poindexter
Hyrum Smith
Monte Holm
Frank Harman
Scott Davis
James Herndon
Karla Langland
Stephen Orlofsky and Charlotte Gaal
In Honor of LT Harold “Pinky” Durham, MOH

Group Commander Level ($5,000)

James Wright
Arlen Crouch
Miller Family Philanthropy
John Ionoff
Douglas Caton
Alan Terrell
Thomas Evans
Mrs Richard Hallock

Troop Commander Level ($1,000)

Bob Dole
Ralph Talbot
Thomas Wessels
Milton Trahan
John Langoff
Vincent Fulginiti
Jesse Keeton
OCS Class 6-65
John Gavel
Terrence Smart
John Bowles
Paul Wallace
Kenneth Symmes
Joseph O’Connor
William McCarron
Mike Harris
Child Family
Donald Prell
Gary Pendleton
Cal Clemons
Lionel Atwill
Burton Masters
Clinton High
Michael Canavan
Errol Briggs
Walter Pidgeon
Rich Wightman
James Price
William Whitworth
Bill Diamond
OCS Class 013-70
Daniel Johnson
Juan Chavez
Shirley Anderson
Mark Rosenstein
Alfred Paddock
Ken Nance
Thomas Fey
Patrick Smith
Edgar Burroughs
Michael Glascock

Team Leader Level ($500)

John Riley
Robert Cook
Frederick Kroesen
Lloyd Cross
James Price
Jay Snyder
James Magyar
Bernard Kamine
Allen Haines
Randy Dunham
Harold Youmans
Monte Washburn
Frederick Drew
Clifford Gehrt
Edward Rose
Foster Family Trust
James Youngquist
George Cassady
George Chapman
Joseph Astramskas
Marilee Husselman
Philip Wescott
Carl Bruno
Richard Sander
Ken Braswell
William King
Stanley Farnham
Michael Reid-Rapuano
Alfred Paddock
James Camel
David Reaney
Ilmars Dambergs