It’s YOUR history.

Are you prepared to preserve it?

We need YOUR help! Are you prepared to give back? Are you prepared to preserve YOUR heritage?

The United States Army Officer Candidate School Alumni Association (USAOCSAA) is leading an effort to make Wigle Hall the location of an interactive museum for celebrating the heritage and legacy of the Officer Candidate School.

Our theme is to honor the valor and sacrifice of the OCS graduate as a small unit leader from 1941 through today.

You will be PROUD of the end result!

  • $50-$200 Team Player 
  • $200-$500 Team Leader
  • $500-$1000 Troop Commander
  • $1000-$5000 Group Commander
  • $5000 and above Distinguished Group Commander
  • $50,000 and above Gallery Sponsorship

Project Overview


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The main gallery will include displays that depict OCS since 1941 featured by era (WWII, Korea, Cold War, Vietnam, Volunteer Army(VOLAR), Army of Excellence, and the Global War on Terrorism). Included in the WWII and Vietnam eras will be descriptions of the branch-specific OCS programs at other locations, for example: Fort Sill (Artillery), Fort Knox (branch immaterial and Armor), Fort Belvoir (Engineer) Fort McClellan (Women’s Army Corps) OCS. Also, in the main gallery will be a display honoring our fallen graduates. Rounding out the main gallery will be “OCS Now” which will include the current chain of command and most recent distinguished honor graduates.

The OCS Hall of Fame will be displayed in a smaller room which will feature an interactive kiosk that includes the Hall of Fame, Patterson and Nett awardees and the biography and picture of any graduate from any U.S. Army OCS program who submits his or her story for inclusion.

But we need YOUR support to make this vision become a reality.

To accomplish our mission the USAOCSAA needs the assistance and leadership of OCS graduates, regardless of the program location, branch or component. Our target is $350,000. Before we begin the project, we must have 80% of those funds on hand. Will you help us? After all, you once held the most important job in the Army and OCS helped make you a successful small unit leader.

Are you a team player or maybe even a troop commander? Every little bit helps! It’s YOUR history. If you don’t preserve it, who will?

Join the Association in making this dream a reality and consider donating to the reconstruction of Wigle Hall.

We must preserve our history. It starts with you.