Wallace H. Dawson III


Wallace H. Dawson III

Colonel Wallace H. Dawson III was commissioned an Infantry Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School, 24 November 1951, class number 5. His first duty assignment was as Platoon Leader, 65th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, Korea. | His subsequent duty assignments include: C.O., 29th RCT NCO Academy, Okinawa; Tactical Officer, TSB, Fort Benning, Georgia; Ast Bn S-3, 325th AIR, 82nd Abn Div, Fort Bragg, North Carolina; CO, 82nd Abn Div, NCO Academy, Fort Bragg, North Carolina; CO, Co A, 710th Ord Bn, 10th Inf Div, Bamberg, Germany; CO, Co B, 711th Maint Bn, 11th Abn Div, Augsbury, Germany; CO, Co B, 724th Maint Bn, 24th Inf Div, Augsbury, Germany; Ord Tng Cmd, Combat Dev Staff Officer, APG, Md; 9th ARepublic of Vietnam Div Advisor, Vietnam; Staff Officer, Combat Dev Command, APG, Md; Instructor, US Air-Force Institute of Tech, Wright-Pat, Air Force Base; Bn Comdr., 19th Maint Bn, V Corps, Giessen, Germany; Bn Cmdr, 725th Maint Bn, 25th Inf Div, Vietnam; Chief, Opns, G-4 CENTAG, Seckenheim, Germany; Deputy G-4, LANDSOUTHEAST, Izmir, Turkey. | Colonel Dawson's awards and decorations include: CIB, Master Parachutist, Legion of Merit, 3 Bronze Stars, 3 Air Medals.

Additional Information

Graduated From
Fort Benning, Georgia
Key Assignment
C.O., 29th RCT NCO Academy, Okinawa
Highest Award
Legion of Merit
Year Inducted
Branch Of Service

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