Robert H. Robinson

Robert H. Robinson

Robert H. Robinson

Colonel Robert H. Robinson was commissioned an Infantry Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School, 7 May 1945, class number 445. His first duty assignment was as Platoon Leader, Company C, 27th Bn IRTC, Camp Croft, South Carolina. | His subsequent duty assignments include: Platoon Leader, Co A, 351st Inf Regiment, 88th Div, Tarvisio, Italy;  Co Comdr, Co G, 351st Inf Regiment, 88th Div, Fusine de Laghi, Italy; Surplus Property Officer, G-4 Section, 88th Inf Div, Gorizia, Italy; Co Comdr, Headquarters Co, 3rd Bn, 351st Inf Regiment, Trieste, Italy; Transportation Officer, Trans Off, Headquarters WE PA Mil Dist, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Platoon Leader, Co A, 35th Inf Regiment, 25th Div, Korea; Ch, Whse Div, PX Sect, Headquarters & Serv Cmd, GHeadquarters, FEC, Tokyo, Japan;  Div Maint Officer, IGMR, 5th Inf Div, G-4 Sect, Pa; Unit Advisor Army Reserve, Headquarters Kentucky Mil Dist, Fort Thomas, Kentucky; Co Comdr, Co C, 26th Inf Regiment, 1st Div, Fort Riley, Kansas; S-3, Headquarters Co, 1st Bat Gp, 26th Inf, 1st Div, Fort Riley, Kansas; S-3, Headquarters Co, 1st Bat Gp, 26th Inf, 8th Div, Baumholder, Germany; Contingency Plans Officer, G-3 Sect, Headquarters 7th Army, Stuttgart, Germany;  Instructor, Tactics, Co D, USAIS, Fort Benning, Georgia; Section Chief, Ch, P&P Sect, Ofc Di, USAIS, Fort Benning, Georgia; Bn Comdr, Headquarters 5th Bn (OC), Fort Benning, Georgia; Ch, Tng Div, Tng Dir, MACV, Headquarters MACV, Saigon, South Vietnam. | His awards and decorations include the Legion of Merit, ACM w/1st Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart, Vietnam Medal of Honor.

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    Fort Benning, Georgia

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    Legion of Merit

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