Louis J. Prost

Louis J. Prost

Louis J. Prost

Colonel Louis J. Prost (later Brigadier General) was commissioned an Infantry Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School, 28 March 1944, class number 320A. His first duty assignment was as Assistant S-4, Platoon Leader, Asst Personnel Officer, Headquarters IRTC, Camp Robinson, Arkansas. | His subsequent duty assignments include: Assistant S-1, Headquarters IARTC, Camp Rucker, Alabama; Personnel Adjutant, Special Troops, Headquarters 2d Inf Div, Camp Swift, Texas; Adjutant, Recruiting Main Sta, Cincinnati, Ohio; Adjutant, Headquarters Ohio-Kentucky, Rctg Dist, Columbus, Ohio; Ch, Decorations & Awards, AG Div, Ch, Enlisted Br, G-1, Headquarters Eighth Army, Korea; Ch, Personnel Management Br, G-1, Headquarters XVI Corps, Sendai, Japan; Executive Officer, Pers Research & Procedures Div, TAGO, Headquarters DA; Student, Advance Course #II, AG School, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana; Chief, Pers Actions Sec, AG Div, Headquarters USAREUR, Heidelberg, Germany; Executive Officer, Pers Br, AG Div, Headquarters USAREUR, Heidelberg, Germany; Executive Officer to Adjutant General, Headquarters USAREUR, Heidelberg, Germany; Student Off, Command and General Staff College; Chief, Assignment Section, AG Branch, OPO, Headquarters DA. Branch Chief, AG Branch, OPO, Headquarters DA; Asst Chief, General Off Br, ODCSPER, Headquarters DA; Chief, General Off Br, ODCSPER, Headquarters DA; Secretary of the General Staff, Headquarters USCONARC, Fort Monroe, Virginia. | General Prost's awards and decorations include: ACM w/1 Oak Leaf Cluster, Bronze Star Medal and Distinguished Service Medal.

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    Fort Benning, Georgia

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    Bronze Star Medal

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