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Hugh B. Harrison

Colonel Hugh B. Harrison was commissioned an Infantry Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School Class 31, Officer Candidate School Regiment, Fort Riley, Kansas, 21 July 1951. His first duty assignment was as Rifle Platoon Leader, Company A, 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, Hokkaido, Japan. | His subsequent duty assignments include:  January 1952-May 1953, Rifle and Heavy Weapon Platoon Leader, Recon Officer and Assistant Battalion S-3, 5th Cavalry Regiment and 35th Infantry Regiment, Japan and Korea;  July 1953- December 1956, Tac Officer, Company Commander, Battalion S-3 and Battalion Adjutant, Officer Candidate School Regiment, Fort Benning, Georgia;  February 1957- March 1958, Rifle Company Executive Officer, and Company Commander, 2d Bat Group, 19th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division, Hawaii; March 1958- December 1958, Adjutant, 25th Infantry Division Trains, Hawaii; January 1959- July 1960, Chief, Enl Br, Mil Pers Division, Headquarters USARHAW;  July 1961-July 1964, Instructor, Tac Division, USASCS, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey; November 1965-February 1966, Special Assistant to SA, II Corps, Tac Zone, Vietnam; March 1966- November 1966, Senior Advisor, 40th Infantry Regiment, 22nd Division(ARepublic of Vietnam), Vietnam; December 1966- January 1967, Instructor, Tac Division, USASCS, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey; July 1967- January 1969, Battalion Commander and Brigade Executive Officer, 3d Basic Combat Training Brigade, Fort Dix, New Jersey; August 1969-July 1972, Chief, M&T Br, and Chief, Repl Division, EPD, OPO, DA, Washington, D.C.; August 1972- February 1973, Mbr. ODCSPER Rev Bc, DA, Washington, D.C.; August 1974- June 1977, Chief Accession Management and Training, EPD, Milpercen, Alexandria, Virginia.

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