Hubert E. Nolde

Hubert E. Nolde

Hubert E. Nolde

Colonel Hubert E. Nolde was commissioned an Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School Class #469, 17 July 1945. His first duty assignment was as Platoon Leader, 86th Infantry Division, Philippines. | His subsequent duty assignment includes: Assistant S-3 and S-2, 8147th Serv Detachment, Philippines; Platoon Leader, 81st Med Tank Battalion, Camp Chaffee, Arizona; Company Commander, 793rd Military Police Battalion, Germany; Provost Marshal, 7806 SCU USAREUR, Germany; Adjutant, 13th Engineer Battalion, Korea; Photo Interpreter, PIC USAINTC, Washington, D.C.; Photo Interpreter Officer, Headquarters USARAL, Fort Richardson, Alaska; Chief, Sov Bloc Division, USA ELM DIA, Washington, D.C.; Chief, J-2, Ele Command Center, J-2 MACV, Saigon; Chief, Far East Division, USA ELM DIA, Washington, D.C.; and Deputy Chief, Western Area Office, USA ELM DIA, Washington, D.C.

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