George Benjamin Sears, Jr.

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George Benjamin Sears, Jr.

Colonel George B. Sears, Jr was commissioned an Infantry Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School. His first duty assignment was as Tactical Officer, 85th Company (OCS), USAIS, Fort Benning, Georgia. | His subsequent duty assignment included: Rifle Plt Ldr, E Company, 3rd Bn 47th Inf, 9th ID Vietnam; Test and Evaluation Officer, USAIB, Fort Benning, Georgia;  S2, 1st Bn 23rd Inf, 2ID, ROK;  Company Commander, A Company, 1st Bn 23rd Inf, 2ID, ROK;  Instructor, Wpns Dept. USAIS, Fort Benning, Georgia;  S3, 1st Bn 12th Inf, 4ID(M), Fort Carson, Colorado;  S3, 1st Bde, 4ID(M), Fort Carson, Colorado;  Executive Off, 1st Bn 12th Inf, 4ID(M), Fort Carson, Colorado;  Plan Off, G3/DPt 4ID9M), Fort Carson, Colorado;  Chief Opns & Plans G3/DPT 4ID(M), Fort Carson, Colorado;  Deputy Ge/DPT 4ID(M), Fort Carson, Colorado;  Exercise Plans Off, DCSOPS, USARJ, Cp Zama, JA;  Chief Exercise Div, DCSOPS, USARJ, Cp Zama, JA;  Bn Cdr, 4th Bn 30th Inf, USAITC,  Fort Benning, Georgia;  Deputy Cdr, 29th Inf Regt, USAIS, Fort Benning, Georgia;  Senior Army Adviser, 1221 ARCOM, Birmingham, Alabama; and Senior Army Adviser, 121st ARCOM, Birmingham, Alabama. | Military schools attended include: Infantry OCS, IOAC, CGSC. | His military awards include: Silver Star, MSM w/ 3 Oak Leaf Clusters, ARCOM w/ V and 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, PH w/ Oak Leaf Clusters.

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Graduated From
Fort Benning, Georgia
Highest Award
Silver Star
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