Frank P. Jones

Frank P. Jones

Frank P. Jones

Colonel Frank P. Jones was commissioned an Infantry Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School, 4 September 1942, class number 63.  His first duty assignment was as RCN Platoon Leader and Battalion S2, 15th Infantry, 3d Division, Africa, Sicily, Italy. | His subsequent duty assignments include:  Company Executive Officer, Company Commander,, 15th Infantry, 3d Division, Italy, Fort Hood, Texas; Company Executive Officer, Company Commander, ITC, Fort Hood, Texas; Instructor, Combat Intelligence, Staff Department, USAIS; Fort Benning, Georgia; AD.C. to Gen MD Taylor, Korea- Japan; Staff Officer, Middle East Planner, IPPD/Plans/ DCSOPS/DA; Middle East Planner IPPD/PLANS/ODCSOPS DA; Instructor, USNIA, West Point; Assistant Professor, Gov’t and Political Science; USNIA West Point; Mech Infantry Battalion Executive Officer, 3d Bde, 3d Inf Div, Aschaffenburg, Germany; Mech Infantry Battalion Commander, 1/15 Inf, 3d Div, Kitzingen, Germany; Mech Infantry Brigade Commander, 2d Bde, 3d Div, Kitzingen, Germany; Deputy Commander, Canadian National Defense College; Program Planner, Joint Staff, J-5, OJCS, Pentagon; Military Assistant to CJCS; Deputy and Active Chief of Staff, 1st Field Force, D.C.S, Headquarters, IFFY, Vietnam. | His awards and decorations include:  JSC Device, General Staff Device, ROK Pres Unit Citation, Parachute Badge, CIB, PH, Bstr (3), Silver Star.

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    Fort Benning, Georgia

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    Silver Star

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