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William D. Hyde

Colonel William D. Hyde was commissioned an Infantry Officer from Officer Candidate School on 20 March 1967. His first duty assignment was Commander, 55th Infantry Platoon, 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Kentucky. | His subsequent duty assignments include: Propaganda Officer, 15th PSYOP Battalion, United States Army John F. Kennedy Center, Fort Bragg, North Carolina; PSYOP Staff Officer, G-3, United States Army John F. Kennedy Center, Fort Bragg, North Carolina; S-5 and Company Commander, 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry, Americal Division, Vietnam; District Senior Advisor, An Xuyen Province, Vietnam; Training Officer, DCS, Reserve Forces, Headquarters, 1st United States Army, Fort Meade, Maryland; Assistant S-3, 1st Brigade, 8th Infantry Division, Germany; S-2, 4th Battalion, 69th Armor, 8th Infantry Division, Germany; EOSO, Mainz Military Command, Germany; Control Group (Reinforcement); Senior Aide to CG, 91st Division; Secretary of the General Staff, 91st Division; Executive Officer, 2nd Battaltion, 363rd Regiment, 91st Division; Commander, 3rd Battalion, 362nd Regiment, 91st Division; Manpower/Management Officer, ODCSRM, Headquarters, Sixth United States, Presidio of San Francisco, California; Mobilization Plans Officer, ODCSOPS, Headquarters Department of the Army, Pentagon, Washington, D.C, and Commander, Full Time Support Management Center (Formerly AGR Management Directorate, ARPERCEN), St. Louis, Missouri; Senior United States Army Reserve Advisor, Headquarters, Training and Doctrine Command, Fort Monroe, Virginia.

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