Walter L. Olson

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Walter L. Olson

Colonel Walter L. Olson was commissioned an Infantry Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School 16 August 1965. His first duty assignment was as a Training Officer, 3396th Reception Station, U.S. Army Reserve, Gainsville, Florida. | His subsequent duty assignments include: Supply Officer, 345th Military Police Company, U.S. Army Reserve, Melbourne, Florida; Test Officer, U.S. Army Satalite Communications Agency, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey; Signal Officer, U.S. Army, Republic of Vietnam; Commander, 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam; Project Officer, Project Manager Multi Service Communications System, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey; Commander, 589th Signal Company, Germany; Operations Officer, 5th Signal Command, Germany; Fielding Officer, Project Manager, SINorth CarolinaGARS, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey; Professor of Military Science, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida; and Project Manager, QUICKFIX, PEO-IEW, Vint Hills, Florida; Project Manager, Common Hardware and Software, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.

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