Theodore J. Meiners

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Theodore J. Meiners

Colonel Theodore John Meiners was commissioned an Infantry Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School Class 542, 3 October 1946. His first duty assignment was as Executive Officer, Basic Training Company, Reserve Training Center Fort Knox, Kentucky. | His subsequent duty assignments include: Multi-residential Maintenance Officer & G3 Training Battalion, Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan; Grave Registration, Maiana Bonin Command; Executive Officer, Training Company, 6th Armored Division, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; Platoon Leader, E Company, Tank Company, and A Company, 2nd Division, 23rd Infantry Regiment, Korea; Troop INF, Education and Public INF; Officer, Headquarters, Camp Crowder, Missouri; Assistant Executive Officer, Recruiting Publicity Center (Army and Air Force), Governers Island, New York; Training Aids Officer, G3 Office, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii; Commander, D Company, C Company, B Company, and Combat Support Company, 1st Infantry Division, 13th Infantry Battle Group, Fort Riley, Kansas; Brigade S2, 1st Infantry Brigade; Providence Chief Advisor ANXUYEN, Vietnam Military Assistance Advisory Group, Republic of Vietnam; Speech Writer, Command Infantry Office, Chief Infantry, Department of the Army, Washington D.C.; Operation Officer, Army Exhibit Unit, Cameron Station, Alexandria, Virginia; Army Information Officer Headquarters, U.S. Army Alaska, Fort Richardson, Alaska; Secretary to General Staff, Headquarters, I Corps, Korea; Deputy INF Officer, Headquarters, Fourth U.S. Army, Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

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