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Roy A. Wulff

Colonel Roy A. Wulff was commissioned an Armor Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School Class 1-58, 4 March 1958. His first duty assignment was as a TAC Officer, Basic Officer Battalion, School Regiment, United States Anny Armor School, Fort Knox, Kentucky. | His subsequent duty assignments include: Army Aviator, 2nd Aviation Company, 2nd Infantry Division, Fort Benning, Georgia; Army Aviator, 503' Aviation Company, 3 Armored Division, Hanau, Germany; Troop Commander, B Troop, 18th Reconnaissance Squadron, 15t Training Brigade, Fort Knox, Kentucky; Weapons Section Leader, C Troop, 1 st Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, Vietnam; Section Commander, Aviation Armament Division, United States Army Aviation School, Fort Rucker, Alabama; Personnel Management Officer, Headquarters, United States Army Vietnam, Vietnam; Troop Commander, Air Cavalry Troop, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Vietnam; Training Staff Officer, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff Personnel, Army Staff, Pentagon, Washington, D.C.; Deputy Director of Logistics, and later the Chief of Plans and Operations Division, United States Army Armor Center, Fort Knox, Kentucky; Commander, 7th Cavalry Squadron, r Cavalry Regiment, 194th Armored Brigade, Fort Knox, Kentucky; Chief of Air Weapons Systems Branch, Directorate of Training Developments, Fort Knox, Kentucky; Deputy Chief (Collective Training Division), and later the Division Chief (Support Division), and Division Chief (Training Division), United States Army Armor School, Fort Knox, Kentucky; Division Chief, Studies Division, Combat Developments, United States Army Armor Center, Fort Knox, Kentucky; Director, Armor Aviation Directorate, United States Army Armor School, Fort Knox, Kentucky.

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Graduated From
Fort Knox, Kentucky
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Director | Armor Aviation Directorate | United States Army Armor School | Fort Knox, Kentucky
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