Robert J. Donahue

Robert J. Donahue

Robert J. Donahue

Colonel (later Lieutenant General) Robert J. Donahue was commissioned a Signal Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School 22 January 1953, class number 27. His first duty assignment was as second lieutenant, 501st Communications Reconnaissance Group, Korea. | His subsequent duty assignments include: Headquarters Assistant Secretary of the Army, Washington D.C.; Platoon Leader/Executive Officer, company B, 125th Signal Battalion, 25th Infantry Division; Commander, 270th Signal Company; Signal Depot Advisor/Advisor to the Chief Signal Officer/Advisor to the J-6 Supreme Commander, Armish Maag, Iran; Director/Executive Officer for the Center, Defense Construction Supply Center, Columbus, Georgia; Inspector General, 1st Signal Brigade, Vietnam; Commander, USA Strategic Communications Command Signal Group, Mediterranean; Deputy Chief of Staff, USA Strategic Communications Command, Europe; Chief Joint Actions Officer, Office of Assistant Chief of Staff, Washington, D.C.; Department Director Telecommunications Command, Office of Deputy Chief of Staff, Washington, D.C.; Commander, USA Communications Command, Japan; Deputy Commanding General, The USA Signal Center, Fort Gordon, Georgia.

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    Fort Monmouth

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    Signal Corps

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