John O. Ensor

John O. Ensor

John O. Ensor

Colonel John O. Ensor was commissioned an Infantry Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School on 20 December 1944, class number 377.  His first duty assignment was as Assistant Supply Officer, Advanced Training Division The Parachute School, Fort Benning, Georgia. | His subsequent duty assignments include:  Platoon Leader, Co A, 188 Parachute Inf, 11 ABN Div, FECOM; Battalion S4, Co Cmdr, HHC, 1st Bn, 188 Parachute Infantry, FECOM; Platoon Leader, Exec Off, Co Cmdr, Co G, 188 Parachute Infantry, FECOM; Asst Regimental S4, SVC Co, 188 Parachute Infantry, FECOM; Co Motor Off, HHC, 82 ABN Div, Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Co Supply Off, Asst Div G4, HHD, 82 ABN Div, Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Co Cmdr, Co I, Asst Regimentl S3, Regimentl S3, Regimental S4, 38th Infantry, 2 Inf Div, Korea; Airborne Instructor, The Airborne Dept, Supply Officer, The Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia; Professor Military Science, U.S. Army Instructor Gp (ROTC), Hawaii; G4 Plans Officer, HHC, 101 ABN Div, Fort Campbell, Kentucky; Chief War Plans (G3), HHC, 101 ABN Div, Fort Campbell, Kentucky; G4 Advisor II Corps (ARepublic of Vietnam), MAAG Vietnam; Sr Advisor II CALC (ARepublic of Vietnam), Vietnam; Logistic Plans Officer, Headquarters USCONARC, Fort Monroe, Virginia; G4, HHC 24 Infantry Div, Augsburg, Germany; Deputy Cmdr, HHC, 2d Support Bde, Hanau, Germany; Chief, Maint Div, DCSLOG, Headquarters First U.S. Army, Fort Meade, Maryland. | Colonel Ensor is authorized to wear the Combat Infantryman Badge (Korea).

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    Fort Benning, Georgia

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    Combat Infantryman Badge

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