John O. Batiste

John O. Batiste

John O. Batiste

Colonel John O. Batiste was commissioned an Infantry Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School 26 September 1944, class number 348. His first duty assignment was as Battalion S-2, 342d Infantry, 86th Division, Camp San Luis Obispo, California. | His subsequent duty assignments include: Battalion S-2, 342d Inf, 86th Div, European Theater of Operations France & Germany; S-1 Bn, 342d Inf, 86th Div, Angeles, Philippine Islands; ROTC Instr, U of Wis, Madison, Wisconsin; Co Trng Off, 516th Inf Regiment, Camp Breckinridge, Kentucky; Plt Ldr, Co L. 30th Inf Regiment, Fort Benning, Georgia; Asst S-3, 3d Bn, 30th, Fort Benning, Georgia; XO, CO & S3, 17th Inf, Korea; Army Opn Off, Joint Task Force 132, Washington, D. C.; Staff off, G-3, JUSMAG, Greece, Athens, Greece; FASTP, Office US Mil, Tehran, Iran & Mid East; Analyst, Staff Off, Defense Intel Agency, Washington, D.C.; Cmdg Officer, 12th Bn, 3d Bde, USATCA, Fort Knox, Kentucky; G3 Advisor, ICORPS, USMACV, Vietnam; Staff Off, OPO DA, COL DIV, Washington, D.C.; Commanding Off, 2d Bde, 7th Inf Div, Korea; Director, Mideast, Africa South of the Sahara & South Asian Studies, Dept of Natl & Intl Security, Staff and Faculty, United States Army War College; Secretary & Chief of Staff, United States Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. Colonel Batiste's awards and decorations include: CIB w/Star, Republic of Vietnam Honor Medal (1st Class), Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross w/ Gold Star, PH, JSCM, AM, Bronze Star Medal w/V & Oak Leaf Cluster, MSM, LM, SS.

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    Fort Benning, Georgia

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    Secretary and Chief of Staff | United States Army War College | Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania

  • Highest Award

    Silver Star

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