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Jack R. Baugh

Colonel Jack R. Baugh, graduated OCS Class #34, 14 July 1942. His subsequent duty assignments include:  1942 - 43, Co K, 180th Inf., 2d Lieutenant, and lst Lieutenant, Plat. Ldr., European Theater of Operations; 1944 - , Co A, 7th Bn, IRTC, lst Lieutenant, Plat. Ldr., European Theater of Operations; 1945 - Co B, 7th Bn. IRTC, Capt., CO, Camp Wheeler, Georgia; 1946 - Co K, 32d Inf., Capt., CO, FECOM, Korea; 1947 - 48, Headquarters Co. 2nd. Bn., 32d Inf., Capt., CO , FECOM, Korea; 1949 -, 5203 ASU, Capt., Inf Adv. , Iowa NG., DesMoines, Iowa; 1950 -51, 5104 ASU, Major, Inf Adv., Iowa NG., DesMoines, Iowa; 1952 - Headquarters & Headquarters Co., lst Bn., 16th Inf., Maj.,  Bn. XO, USAREUR; 1953 - 54, Headquarters & Headquarters Co. 16th Inf, Major, Bn. XO, Bn CO, and Regiment. O, USAREUR; 1955 - Headquarters & Headquarters Co., 16th Infantry Major Regiment. Adj., Fort Riley, Kansas; 1956 - , Headquarters, lst Inf. Div., Major, Asst. G1, Fort Riley, Kansas; 1957 - ,  USA Elm JUSMAG, Major, Inf. Adv. Republic of Thailand; 1958 - 59 -,  Headquarters. & Headquarters. Co, lst Inf. Div., Lieutenant Col., ACofS, G1, Fort Riley, Kansas; 1960 - 62, Pers. Admin. Div., Headquarters USAREUR, Lieutenant Col., Chief, Pers. Mgt. Sec, Enl. Br, Chief, Rqr. & Dist. Sec., Mil. Pers. Mgt. Br., and Pers. Mgt. Br; 1963 - 64, OPO, Headquarters DA, Lieutenant Col., Chief, Mil. Sch. Br, XO for Career Planning, OPO, Wash. D.C.; 1965 -66, Headquarters USA Engr. Cen. & Fort Belvoir, Col., D.CSPER, Fort Belvoir, Virginia; 1967 - , Headquarters USA 4th Rctg. Dist., Col., Deputy CO, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. | Colonel Baugh's awards and decorations include: the Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal w/4 Oak Leaf Cluster, PH, CIB.

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Graduated From
Fort Benning, Georgia
Highest Award
Bronze Star Medal
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