Lieutenant Colonel Edward N. Hathaway, graduated Infantry OCS Class #1, September 1941. His subsequentduty assignments include: 1941 - 367th Inf. Regiment., Plat. Ldr., Rifle/HW Plat. and Bn. S4, Camp Claiborne, Louisiana. Jan - Apr. 1942, Plat. Ldr., Rifle Plat., Camp Davis, North Carolina; May - Dec. 1942 367th Inf. Bn. (Sep) XO, Rifle Co., Camp Davis, North Carolina and Fort Jackson, South Carolina;  Jan - Dec. 1944, 367th Inf. Bn. (Sep) CO, HW Co. North Africa, Corsica; Jan - Feb. 1945 Casual Repl. Ctr., Casual Italy, MTOUSA, Mar - Jun. 1945, Co. L, 87th Mt. Inf. Regiment., 10th Mt. Div., Company Commander, Italy; Jun. - August, Headquarters, 3d Bn., 87th Mt. Inf., 10th Mt. Div., XO, Italy; Sep - Oct 1945, Headquarters. 3rd Bn., 87th Mt. Inf., Regiment., 10th Mt. Div., Bn. CO, Fort Carson, Colorado; Nov - Dec 1945, 38th Inf. Regiment., 2d Inf., Div., Camp Swift, Texas; Jan - Dec 1946, Headquarters. MTOUSA, G4, Div., Italy; Oct 46 - Aug 48, Sch. Troops, TIC, Operations Officer, Fort Benning, Georgia; Sep 1948 - Aug  1950, 15th Infantry Regiment., 3rd Inf. Div, Opns. Officer, Fort Benning, Georgia; Sep 1950 - May 51 - 15th Inf. Regiment., 3rd Inf. Div., Opns. Officer, Korea; Jun - Nov 195l, lst Bn., 15th Inf. Regiment., 3rd Inf. Div., Korea; Jan - Feb, 1952, Headquarters. TIC, Asst. G3, Fort Benning, Georgia; Mar - Jul 1952, the Ordnance Center, Instructor, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland; Aug 1952 - Jun 53, The Inf. Sch., Adv. Cse. #1, Student, Fort Benning, Georgia;  Jul 1953 - Jul 57, Office Secretary of the Army, DA, OCLL, Liaison Officer to the Senate Arm. Svcs. Committee, U.S. Senate, Washington D. C.; Aug 1957 - The Naval War College, Naval Warfare Course I, Student, Newport, Rhode Island.

Additional Information

Graduated From
Fort Benning, Georgia
Key Assignment
Inf. Regiment., Plat. Ldr., Rifle/HW Plat. and Bn. S4, Camp Claiborne, Louisiana
Graduation Year
Year Inducted
Branch Of Service
Lieutenant Colonel

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