Captain Edward C. Krzyzowski


Captain Edward C. Krzyzowski

Captain Edward C. Krzyzowski was a Soldier in the United States Army during the Korean War. Born 16 January 1914 in Chicago, Illinois, he entered service at Cicero, Illinois. He served as a Captain, commander of Company B, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2d Infantry Division.

Spearheading an assault against strongly defended Hill 700 near Rondul, Korea, his company came under vicious crossfire and grenade attack from enemy bunkers. Creeping up the fire-swept hill, he personally eliminated 1 bunker with his grenades and wiped out a second with carbine fire. Forced to retire to more tenable positions for the night, the company, led by CPT Krzyzowski, resumed the attack the following day, gaining several hundred yards and inflicting numerous casualties. Overwhelmed by the numerically superior hostile force, he ordered his men to evacuate the wounded and move back. Providing protective fire for their safe withdrawal, he was wounded again by grenade fragments, but refused evacuation and continued to direct the defense. On September 3, he led his valiant unit in another assault which overran several hostile positions, but again the company was pinned down by murderous fire. Courageously advancing alone to an open knoll to plot mortar concentrations against the hill, he was killed instantly by an enemy sniper's fire.

Captain Krzyzowski posthumously received the Medal of Honor for his actions from August 31 to 3 September 1951 during the Battle of Bloody Ridge.


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