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“As a new college graduate I enlisted for the OCS option. Having no career goals or objectives, the OCS program provided an azimuth for leadership, responsibility and discipline.”

Col (Ret) Phil Kearns

OCS 6-65, HOF 1986

Regional and Class Chapters

One significant initiative created by Past President COL (r) John Ionoff is the creation of Local OCS Alumni Chapters.

The Washington D.C. Area Chapter # 1 received its charter on Veterans Day, November 11, 2016.

Since then Chapters have been formed in Florida, Colorado and Orange County, California.

A “Class Chapter” for BIOCC Class 2-74 is also being formed.

Interested in establishing an OCS Alumni Association chapter in your area?

Association chapters are established to coordinate and promote activities and camaraderie at the local level. The chapters encourage fellowship and goodwill among the OCS graduate community and promote the purposes of the Association.

The Association has an SOP that describes the process for establishing and operating a chapter. To establish a chapter, a minimum of 10 founding members are required. The requirements for operating a chapter are submission of an annual report on the activities of the chapter and reporting any change in its leadership.

To support the local chapter coordinator, The OCS Alumni Association will provide Chapters with their own web page.


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